13. Februar 2018 - Keine Kommentare!

Candeo Communication Soundlogo

Another job of sound- and audiobranddesign for candeo communication. Candeo means "shine". This was the starting point. But shiny sounds can often sound a little cheap or like a fairytale. To avoid this way, we used some different sounds, which leans towards a shiny ambient, but not obviously that way. Based on a major scale, there is a positive feeling to the brand and the uprising melody supports the movement of the inner circle of the firmtonality. Like the shining, sparkling specular sun on the surface of the water.

14. August 2013 - Kommentare deaktiviert für Soundmanipulation Live

Soundmanipulation Live

With one shotgun mic, aligned onto the streets you can get amazing results. The goal is to achieve sounds for electronic music production or still some pads or tons of sounds, never heard before. The result is a highly unique soundaesthetic and being a part of a moment, conserved in a musical idea!